• The Sensory Cap - Red
    The Sensory Cap - Red
    € 78,95
  • The Sensory Cap - Dark blue
    The Sensory Cap - Dark blue
    € 78,95
  • The Sensory Cap - Green
    The Sensory Cap - Green
    € 78,95

The sensory cap

The sensory cap stimulates the proprioceptive system (deep feeling), soothes, relaxes and improves concentration. Sensory caps are recommended in SI therapy. 

The sensory cap is designed so that you can change the load. It is divided into pockets so that the bags containing the load can be removed (before washing or changing the weight of the load on the cap). Each sensory cap has a sewn-in rim that allows the cap to fit the patient's head size.  

The caps are sewn from soft cotton fabric, certified with Oeko-Tex®. 

Sensory caps are available in three colors: 

  • red 
  • dark blue  
  • green 

We offer two standard sizes and taxes: 

Small cap : circumference: 52 cm, standard weight: 5 x 100 g (0.5 kg) 
Large cap : circumference: 72 cm, standard weight: 10x100g (1kg) 

Of course the caps can be prepared for a special order. In this case we need information about the head circumference, the age of the child and the therapist's recommendations regarding the load. To order a cap that does not match the standard sizes please contact us via a contact form. 


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