• Cotton Hand- Leg Weights
    Cotton Hand- Leg Weights

    Cotton Hand Leg Weights


    ∙ Color Red
    ∙ Green
    ∙ Dark blue

    ∙ Load type removable load
    ∙ permanent load

    ∙ Weight 500 grams
    ∙ 700 grams
    ∙ 1kg

    When ordering, please specify the weight of the load. If in…

    € 60,95
  • Nylon hand weights
    Nylon hand weights

    Nylon hand-leg weights


    ∙ Type of loadremovable load
    ∙ permanent load

    ∙ Weight 500 gram
    ∙ 700 gram
    ∙ 1kg

    Please specify the weight of the load when ordering. In case of doubt please contact us via the contact…

    € 60,95

Hand and legs weights

Classic weights for use on the hands or legs, are sewn from a cotton and nylon fabric.   

The weights are fastened with comfortable velcro, allowing their width to be adjusted depending on the circumference of your wrist or ankle. 

Hand and leg weights can be used during sensory therapy, making it easier for the child to practice proper motor coordination. Articles of this kind can be used as a supplement to or during therapeutic activities. 

The cotton weights are sewn from a smooth cotton fabric in three attractive colors.  

  •  dark blue 
  •  red 
  •  green 

The nylon weights are only available in yellow.

Hand / leg weights are available in 3 weight variants.   

  • 500 grams 
  • 700 grams 
  • 1 kg 

It is also possible to sew hand / leg weights with a different load. Please contact us for this via the contact form.

For your convenience and comfort, weights are prepared in two versions: 

  • removable load ( bags), this makes it possible to change the weight of the load. 
  • permanent load. 

With the removable load, you can freely choose the weight according to your needs.  

The fabrics used have an Oeko-Tex® certificate. Thanks to the use of this type of fabric, the weights feel comfortable and stay in place. Two weights are sold together in one set. 

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