• Cotton Weighted Belt
    Cotton Weighted Belt
    € 69,95
  • Weighted belt -  Nylon
    Weighted belt - Nylon
    € 69,95

Weighted Belt

The SensoLife weighted belt has the task of stimulating the child's proprioceptive system. 

Deep stimulation of this system calms and relaxes the child's body and significantly improves its concentration. It is mainly used in therapy during physical activities and in daily life. 

The weighted belt is available in nylon and cotton. The fabrics used are Oeko-Tex® certified. 

Available cotton colors: 

  • navy blue 
  • green 
  • red  

The weighted belt in nylon is available in yellow.  

We prepare the belt based on the waist circumference and the therapist's recommendations. Usually the weight of such a belt does not exceed 2 kg.   

The following 2 varieties are ordered most often.  

  • Variant 1 (load up to 1 kg) - The length of the element in which the load is placed is 35 cm, height 15 cm.  
  • Variant 2 (load up to 1.5 kg) - The length of the element in which the load is placed is 37 cm, height 17 cm. 

At the same time the velcro, which is connected to both elements, allows the length of the circumference to be adjusted to about 22 cm, depending on the waist circumference. As a load are bags of natural gravel, each 100 g.


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