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On this page you will find special products and tools for use during sensory integration therapy and playing. Our products are made to stimulate the development of the child's senses.
While playing with products from our range, it is also possible to support the emotional and physical development.

Sensory integration therapy uses, among other things, toys with different shapes and textures. Specialists also recommend doing exercises at home. Familiarize yourself with our range of sensory and educational products that can help support your child's development. 

  • The sensory sox
    The sensory sox

    The elastic sensory sox is a tool that facilitates work during therapeutic activities. It can be used at home as a perfect toy, developing strength and perseverance. It is made of an elastic fabric pleasant to the touch.


    € 61,95
  • The sensory snake
    The sensory snake

    The sensory snake is sewn from 6 elements of the same length. It is a diversified toy in every way. The total length is 120 cm. Weight about 2 kg.

    You can wrap it, you can walk on it with your feet, you can wear it as a weight…

    € 59,95
  • The sensory path
    The sensory path

    The sensory path consists of 8 stitched squares and is a beautiful product that develops the senses. It is a great tool in therapeutic and educational work.

    The pad can also be used as a giant sensory snake.

    Each square measures…

    € 65,95
  • Sensory gloves - 4 piece
    Sensory gloves - 4 piece

    A set of 4 sensory gloves, perfect as an aid to therapy, massage or as a fantastic toy.

    Each glove is sewn very carefully and thanks to its suitable universal shape, gloves are very comfortable to use for a child and an…

    € 59,95
  • Sensory pillows
    Sensory pillows

    Sensory pillows are sold in a set consisting of 8 squares measuring 28 cm x 28 cm. The filling of each square is different, so the weight of individual pillows is also different. Weight of the whole set - about 7 kg.


    € 65,95
  • U-shape pillow Minky
    U-shape pillow Minky

    Very comfortable and soft moon-shaped pillow - for sleeping, resting or breastfeeding.

    Can also be used while watching TV, working at the computer or reading a book. For small and older children it can be used to cuddle, play and…

    € 69,00



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