• Weighted sleeping bag 60 x 120 cm
    Weighted sleeping bag 60 x 120 cm
    € 159,95
  • Weighted sleeping bag 80 x 150 cm
    Weighted sleeping bag 80 x 150 cm
    € 165,95
  • Weighted sleeping bag 100 x 200 cm
    Weighted sleeping bag 100 x 200 cm
    € 171,95

Weighted Sleeping Bag

The weighted sleeping bag FUN is ideal for sleeping at home, travelling and sleeping at a friend's house. It can also be useful for small children in kindergarten for sleeping or camping.

The load is only in the part that pushes the body during sleep. This sleeping bag offers comfort, especially for children, who are very mobile while sleeping and it is necessary to limit the space for legs.

The inside is made of patterned cotton (Oeko-Tex certificate), and the outside is covered with a pleasant feeling Minky fleece. In the middle there is a layer of silicone filler to ensure comfortable warmth during sleep.

On one side of the sleeping bag there is a matching zipper to facilitate the use of the product. The end of the zipper is well protected against loosening during sleep.

The product is equipped with strings. When the sleeping bag is packed, you can tie it up and save space. The sleeping bag can be rolled up together with the pillow, making it easy to store.

Moreover, the sleeping bag is equipped with a pillow made of white microfiber. The pillow has a pillowcase made of the same fabric as the sleeping bag.

It is possible to order a normal sleeping bag without the weights.


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