FAQ on SensoLife weighted blankets

SensoLife receives regularly questions about specific products, materials being used, washing regulations or types of fillings. Here are the answers.

1. What is the difference between the two types of fillings?

We offer two types of fillings:

* Fine gravel - round stones (2-4 mm), which can be felt through the fabric, they cause a quiet rustle while moving.

* Glass grains - very small stones (425-850 um (micrometer)) which look like fine sand.

The blankets filled with fine gravel can also be used for rolling and massaging the body in addition to sleeping. This is for those who need stronger stimulation. The glass grains are softer and not so audible.


2. Can these blankets be used in every season or are they too hot?

Generally these blankets are designed to be used throughout the year. The filling is naturally cold and takes on the temperature of the body and, to a lesser extent, the environment. In our offer there are almost all blankets without the lining. The Classic, DELUXE and JOY series is a little warmer. Almost all blankets are made of high-quality, breathable cotton, so there is no fear of overheating in the summer.

3. What types of materials are used?

The blankets differ only visually from each other and from the material that was used.

In ELEGANT and FUN series of the weighted blankets consists of 100 % cotton on one side and soft Minky on the other side, there is a possibility to combine different colors and prints on both sides.

The blankets SIMPLY, CLASSIC, CALMA, DOUBLE FUN, PREMIUM are made of cotton and the FLANNEL series is made from flannel cotton.

The DELUXE blanket is made of 100% soft velvet fabric and the JOY blanket has a cotton pattern on one side and a velvet fabric on the other.

The CLASSIC, CALMA, DOUBLE FUN and SIMPLY weighted blankets are usually used as a duvet cover.

All materials are Oeko-Tex ® certified.

4. How can they be washed?

They can be hand washed in maximum 30 degrees with a small amount of a detergent and a fabric softener. Washing the blankets in the washing machine is at your own risk. Some washing machines have a load capacity of max. 4-5 kg.

5. Is it possible to make a blanket in a different size?

Of course, there's no problem with that. All blankets are made once the order has been placed. Our blankets are personalized and sewn exactly according to the needs of the individual customer. To place an order for a blanket in non-standard size, please send an email to info@sensolife.nl or place the order via the "customised weighted blanket" page.

6. What's the usual delivery time?

We try to fill the orders as soon as possible, maintaining the highest quality of customization. Delivery time is usually between 5 and up to 7 - 10 working days.


If you have not found the answer to your question or if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.



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