How warm are the weighted blankets?

The warmth level of our blankets varies depending on the materials used.

If you are usually feeling warm, it is better to choose anweighted blanket without additional warming. 

The coldest blanket is the SIMPLY  blanket. It is a blanket made of 100% cotton, breathable and of top quality. This blanket, apart from the weight filling, has no thermal insulation layer on the inside. 

In addition, FLANEL, CALMA and PREMIUM blankets are also without special warm insulation. These are blankets that feel quite cold. 

ELEGANT, FUN and DOUBLE MINKY blankets are also without thermal insulation. However, Minky material, which is used in these blankets and is very delicate, makes this blanket little bit warmer than SIMPLY or CALMA blanket. 

The blankets with extra heat insulation inside are JOY, DELUXE, DOUBLE FUN and CLASSIC. The insulation layer is quite thin and just gives the blanket extra thickness, softness and a little warmth. However, these blankets are not as warm as standard blankets. 

If you are a person who is always cold, it is nice to use a warm comforter cover with the blanket. We have two types of warm comforter covers: a plush and a velvet comforter cover. A good solution is to use a SIMPLY blanket in a cotton cover in the summer and a plush cover in the winter. 

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