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Does your child have trouble finding the peace and quiet to fall asleep? Or does your child think of many things, which disturb their sleep? We can imagine that you are a bit confused. A good night's sleep is so important, so of course, this is what you want for your child. Is your child unable to get a good night's sleep? Then perhaps a sleeping tunnel is the right solution. We would like to tell you more about sleep tunnels. What is it exactly? Who are they suitable for? And how do they work? Read all about it in this blog!

What is a sleeping tunnel?

A sleeping tunnel is a tight and elastic cover that can be easily placed around the mattress. Because the sleeping tunnel is wrapped around the mattress, it fits tightly around the child's body. This creates deep pressure, which has a relaxing effect. They are available in various colors so that it is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.

For whom is a sleeping tunnel suitable?

A sleeping tunnel is most suitable for children, but teenagers and adults can also benefit from it. It is mainly used for children who experience problems falling asleep. It is an ideal aid for highly sensitive children, for example. A highly sensitive child experiences many stimuli. This can cause stress, low self-confidence, and other annoying problems. That is why it is important to look for ways in which the highly sensitive child can remain in balance in a world full of stimuli. A sleeping tunnel is an example of such a highly effective aid. In addition, a sleeping tunnel is also suitable for children with various SI disorders.

Functioning of a sleeping tunnel

Because the sleeping tunnel gives a deep pressure, the child can relax and fall asleep. Furthermore, the material feels fine, which makes it pleasant to sleep under. Especially for highly sensitive children, it is extremely important to create peace and safety. Because of all the stimuli, they can easily become stressed and this can strongly influence their sleep. The pressure of the sleeping tunnel creates a relaxed and safe feeling for the child, which makes it easier for him or her to fall asleep. A good night's sleep ensures that the child can function better during the day.

Are you convinced of the effect of a sleeping tunnel? On our website, you will find various sleeping tunnels in different sizes. The size you choose depends on the size of the mattress and the length of the child. We also offer weighted blankets and weighted sleeping bags for children who need more pressure and weight. In our webshop, you will also find various other products for sensitive children. You can also visit our website for more information, for example on tips for sleeping better or the advantages of a weighted blanket.

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